Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How To Create An Indoor Succulent Terrarium.

 As the daughter of a flower designer, I grew up wandering the vast floral heaven (known to most as the Los Angeles Flower District) downtown with my mom early in the mornings. I was fasctinated by the endless varieties of living plants and flowers, curious to ask each ones name and origin with the intent of memorizing them all "by the end of the year". Of course that never happened but I can always ask my mom...Calla Lily's, Casablancas & Hydrangeas are her favorite and having them indoors makes the house smell divine. In a successful attempt to unwind today I found myself mimicking my mother's moves with plants and found a great sense of tranquility in the snipping, digging and arranging into lovely terrariums. 


Interesting Facts about Indoor Plants:

- They can remove a variety of toxic air emissions including ammonia, formaldehyde, carbon   monoxide, benzene, xylene and trichloroethylene.
-At home, studies show they make people feel calmer and more optimistic.
-Within workspaces, studies show they enhance creativity, increase productivity.

Getting Started:
1) The first thing you're going to need is something to hold your terrarium. I found an old glass bowl I got at Restoration Hardware and a pot that had previously been used to hold a bonsai.

2) Second, your going to need succulents. I snipped some (at an angle always helps with plants) from my garden out back which had some succulents that were beginning to look overgrown.
3) For the soil you'll need some cactus mix or something that doesn't feel too moist, succulents like dry soil. For drainage you'll need some pebbles, make sure to rinse them. The top layer of the terrarium can have either sand or more pebbles. You want to be light handed if you use pebbles on top, so as not too suffocate the succulents since pebbles can get very hot. One thin layer of either pebbles or sand is plenty.

4) I like the elements that can add a nice aesthetic to your terrarium. I picked out some coral that I had found in Tahiti, some jagged rocks I had found on the beach, and a little stone sculpture given to me by my husband when he returned from a snowboarding trip in Chile.

  Start by placing a two inch layer of stones at the bottom of your terrarium. Next layer over the cactus soil, thickness depending on how deep your pot is. Adjust the succulents stem and soil to be about the same. Be creative with arranging and don't hesitate to rearrange the plants. Just be gentle :) Last, cover the surface of the soil with either rinsed pebbles or some sand from the beach. I gently placed my little statue on top of the pebbles & for the coral I used a wine opener corkscrew to create a small hole which fit a toothpick perfectly, holding the coral up in the soil.

Enjoy your new terrarium or give away to a friend :)

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  1. The healing power of live plants, love that you are following mom's steps, well done baby!